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Delicious Recipes
for Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Patients
and their Families

by Carol J. "CJ" Walters.

Cooking with CJ is an exciting new cookbook that�s written for patients of the Gastric Bypass Surgery and for their entire family. Following surgery, patients must slowly introduce food items back into their diet over time. CJ Walters has written this cookbook to help patients with wonderfully delicious low-fat and low-salt recipes. She introduces these recipes based on the typical recovery cycle for a weight loss patient. Recipes starting out are specific to the patient, but quickly begin to introduce recipes that are designed for the entire family. Through CJ�s cookbook patients can ease back into a family routine where one healthy and delicious meal can be prepared for all family members. The patient no longer feels alienated by the need to prepare his/her meal separately. CJ provides serving suggestions with each recipe and patient specific suggestions.

This exciting new cookbook is also designed as a patient notebook, allowing the patient to record important notes on diet and food items from each doctor follow-up appointment.

About CJ

CJ is a patient of the gastric bypass surgery as well as an experienced cook, cooking for her family and friends.

Following Diet Guidelines

After surgery it is important to follow diet guidelines to assure proper healing and to obtain adequate nutrition. CJ understands the importance of having nutritious meals that are both good for you as well as great tasting. CJ has combined recipes from scratch as well as recipes that use ready-made products combined with fresh ingredients to provide you and your entire family with healthy and great tasting dishes.

Healing and Weight Loss

Your new stomach needs to heal so you'll need to keep portion sizes small to maintain your weight loss. CJ has organized this book to progress you through the phases of the bypass diet and provides you with a recommended portion size.

Cooking for Your Entire Family

No longer do you need to cook two meals, the "Cooking With CJ" Cookbook contains many delicious, low fat and healthy recipes for the entire family. CJ provides the Bypass Surgery Patient with portion size and specific notes for each recipe.

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